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Did you ever wash cloths in the old fashioned way with wooden washtubs? Perhaps that is still your method you look forward to each washday with delight. Well, hardly! A set of “Standard” laundry trays would mean an orderly laundry, one of more inviting appearance and easier laundering and your satisfaction would not lessened by the high class workmanship which characterizes the work we do. J.H. Timm Co.

Plymouth Reporter – June 28, 1913

Girls! No experience necessary. Married or single. We will pay you while training to become a Telephone Operator. Also have openings for former operators. Commonwealth Telephone Co. Plymouth Wis. It’s patriotic to help on the home front wherever you can.

Plymouth Review – March 25, 1943

On evening, May 9, at 8 o’clock, when the Kraft Choral Society opens its third annual concert, Plymouth will have an opportunity to enjoy the finest choral concert program ever to be heard in this city. The presentation of the two part program, which will include excerpts from the opera “Cavallerai Rusticana” as the second half of the evening’s concert, is an undertaking that surpasses anything that has ever been done in Plymouth. Cities many times larger would hesitate to even attempt a program of this kind.

Plymouth Review – April 29, 1943

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Plymouth Historical Sociecty Events and Exhibits

Operated by the Plymouth Historical Society, the Plymouth Historical Museum contains a variety of exhibits and is home to many interesting events and exhibits. Several large collections are permanently displayed in the museum, including exhibits featuring the Plymouth Fire Department, a blacksmith shop, turn of the century parlor, vintage clothing, World War II, and Native American artifacts. Other displays change throughout the year, allowing the Society to feature smaller collections and pieces of special interest.

May 21, 2017 - Union Cemetary Walk

Walk at your own pace and visit different gravesites to hear interesting stories of the departed. Reenacators are students from Plymouth High School. The walk begins either at the Forest Ave entrance or at the VFW parking lot at the north end of Division street. Plan one hour to enjoy the walk. This event will be held from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. It is open to the public and is free of charge. Call the Plymouth Historical Museum at (920) 893-1876 if you have questions. View photos from previous reenactments.

June 22 - Park Concession Stand

Details pending.

June 29 - Park Concession Stand

Details pending.

July 8 - Mill Street Days

Stop by the Plymouth Historical Museum for a grilled cheese sandwich sold during Mill Street Days.

September 16, 2017 - Ladies Tea

Special guest includes Laura Ingalis Wilder impersonator.

Nov 24-26, 2017 - Christmas at the Museum

A Thanksgiving weekend tradition - homemade Christmas Cookie Sale. The parlor will offer a display of marionettes, vintage dolls, and a doll house replication of an actual home in Plymouth. Details pending.

December 2, 2017 - Celtic Tea

Join us as we celebrate Christmas through Irish music, food and good conversation. Details pending.

"Phebe's Handquilted Trip Around the World"

The quilt pattern is called "Trip Around the World," made with hexagons. The quilt top was found in a steamer trunk in the attic of Phebe Benninghaus, a longtime resident of Plymouth. Phebe passed away at the age of 90 in 2012. This quilt is from the collection of items she had belonging to her mother and grandmother. It was beautifully hand pieced from fabrics that have been dated from 1890 to the early 1900's. It is a very well organized "scrap quilt" of fabrics that were scraps of shirts, dresses, aprons, pillow ticking and much more. This spring the quilt was finished with a 100% cotton batting and a 100% cotton 1900's reproduction fabric backing. It has been hand quilted with 100% cotton thread by five local ladies who belong to the Kettle Country Quilters of Plymouth. Raffle tickets for the quilt are available at the museum. The quilt will be on display at Mill Street Day, the Civil War Concert, and the Ladies Tea. The drawing will be held October 15 at the 25th Anniversary Dinner.

Marionettes Collection of Matilda Schwaf

The Plymouth Historical Society Museum is honored to share with you the collection of Matilda “Tillie” Schwaf. Matilda was born in 1894 and was the aunt of Virginia Ferguson and George Degan, of Plymouth. Tillie, as everyone called her, was a resident of Kohler and an active puppeteer. Though Tillie had no children of her own, she was very active in the Girl Scouts, starting the first troop in Kohler. Many of her puppet shows were performed by the Waelderhaus Puppeteers. Tillie passed away in 1998, at the age of 104. Her extensive and well preserved collection is now on display at the museum.
??Thank-you to George and Rita Degan for this special donation to the historical society.

Plankroad Trail Exhibit

Walk on an oak Plank Road and visit Plymouth circa 1867. Located in the lower level of the museum, this exhibit takes you back in time when Plymouth was known as Quit Qui Oc. Visit three store fronts along the road, P.H. Smith General Store, C. Pfeifer Apothecary, and Mrs. A. Scheibe Millinery. Adjacent to the Plank Road Trail is a Vintage Kitchen exhibit. Located in the original kitchen of the museum building, stoves from the 1880’s to the 1930’s are displayed with kitchen utensils and a stocked pantry.

Victorian Dining Room

Our dining room has been transformed into a working parlor.  The exhibit, called Monday Washday – Tuesday Ironing, offers a collection of vintage irons from the 1850’s to 1940.  The earliest irons were heated by coal or embers from the wood stove.  In 1870, Mrs. Florence Potts patented an iron that would change to lives of housewives forever.  As you tour the parlor you will learn what Mrs. Pott’s did and see a collection of her irons.  Later inventions included irons operated by gasoline, kerosene, to early electric, all on display.

Bergin Native American Artifacts

The Bergin Native American Collection at the Plymouth Museum, is an extensive collection of prehistoric arrowheads, axes, hoes, potting chards, drills and hammer stones. For 75 years, Billy Bergin collected the artifacts from the nearby Sheboygan marsh areas. This indigenous collection contains points from each archaeological time period including the oldest known “Clovis” point.

Exhibit Items Needed!

Do you have an old crock that is just sitting in a corner of your basement or barn doing nothing? We are in need of a few smaller sized crocks – 5 to 10 gallon, to compliment the vintage kitchen display in the lower level. Call the museum or stop by any Tuesday 9 to noon, or during our regular hours, Thursday through Sunday 10 to 2 p.m.

Vintage Clothing / Scrapbooks

Roger Curtiss, on behalf of his late mother, Elizabeth Curtiss, donated four trunks of vintage clothing and related items dating from the late 1800's. Scrapbooks on various topics, newspaper clippings and calendars were also donated.




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